About Devoyge

De’Voyge was developed in 2016 by CEO Bashir Cotterell, with the purpose of reconnecting those who have lost a sense of identification to their history. Bashir was born in Port Antonia, Jamaica and raised by his loving grandmother Gilda Hendricks Somers. She taught him the importance of staying grounded, Cotterell felt a strong connection to his roots from the very beginning. 

It was not until relocating to the United States in the early 2000s that it became evident to him that many had been disconnected from their past. Another observation when arriving to the US was the emphasis on fashion, trends, and self-expression through what people wore. Over a decade later, this observation would come full circle where he would develop a way for people to express themselves through fashion and reconnecting with their roots.
The Triangular Passage & the De’Voyge Brand

De’Voyge is inspired by The Triangular Trade, which involved a routine process where slave ships sailed from Europe to the west coast of Africa. Slaves were traded and shipped to the New World colonies where they would go through a 'breaking-in' process. This process consisted of two to three years of plantation work in the Caribbean or Central or South America. Unlike the milder form of slavery practiced in Africa where slaves were working to pay off debts, the middle passage was a horrid and brutal experience of servitude for the captives. 

De’Voyge pays homage not only to those lost in the middle passage, but also to those who survived and played a part in shaping history. As a result, all may express themselves freely through speech, lifestyle, and even fashion. De’Voyge acknowledges the fight, yet celebrates the triumph. No matter your race, beliefs or background, De’Voyge lets you color your self-expression with beautiful hand stitched fabric – all transported directly from Ghana. All De’Voyge products are individually hand made for an added personal touch.